Types of Digital Market – Designing Station

Types of Digital Market – Designing Station

Digital market is a web tree with numerous and complex branches. It’s a vast and huge media. Digital market is also a vital strategy in the business world now. It plays a crucial role in the development of a business. It attracts and brought the customers and target audience for their services. Though it is very vast but some basic and most important of the types of Digital market is as follows.


• Social Media

There is a huge world of social media evolved in no time. People are on their social accounts day and night and updates and promote everything possible. This also helps the marketing of any business and promotes its services. Social media is one o the most used and it manages most of the content on media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, and many others.

• Email Marketing

Unlike traditional market which promote business through television, and radio. In today’s world the promotion of services or business are promoting through the medium of email or mass mailing. The sites like Amazon, flipkart, jabong, yepme and many more mass mail the target audience and lure them with the offers and services.

• SEO or Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization helps the business and its services in the loop, meaning it makes the website in the top search in the search engine like Google, Yahoo and Bing. This helps attracting the traffic for the website and enlarging the business.

• PPC or Pay Per Click

Pay per click is online advertising on the top of the organic search results and the cost of the same depends on the website and the business.

• Online Advertising

Online advertising is also on many levels, often people confuse online advertising with the PPC but it’s different. Apart from PPC there are banner on search results that also lure the traffic for the website.

• Viral Marketing

This type of digital marketing include marketing through the medium of other sites like Youtube, Blogs, emails and sometimes through the tradition marketing schemes like television and radio.

Digital Market is vast and interrelated branches of a hub of complex world of information and services for the best of the today’s generation and providing them with the best help.

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